Workshop Presenting in English

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You have basic knowledge of the English language, but might not have used it for some time. Now you need to deliver a presentation in English.

We offer a one-day workshop in English to help you increase your skills and confidence in delivering your presentation in English at your work place or abroad.

You will receive a syllabus and a presentation assignment prior to the workshop, on which you will have to work half a day. With five other participants you will work on fine-tuning your presentation.

The workshop, in which only English will be used, will take around six hours and has the following outline:

  • Welcome and introduction (15 min.)
  • Presentation on presentation techniques with attention on structure, your behaviour and presentation control (reduction of too much tension) (60 min.)
  • Coffee break (15 min.)
  • Fine-tuning of your assignment (30 min.)
  • Presentation of the assignment by the six participants with feedback by the audience and the two trainers (Lunch and tea break in between) (225 min.)
  • Final questions and answers and an evaluation of the workshop (15 min.)

The trainers have a considerable amount of experience and have trained successfully over two hundred colleagues like you in their work place in the Netherlands and in other EU countries.

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